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  1. Recurring events are hard

    It was almost a month ago when I announced the development of Since then I’m over some interesting and some less interesting stuff; (web) development, after all, is just a recurrence of patterns. Speaking of recurrence, I arrived to a really interesting topic: recurring events.

    My initial …

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  2. Please welcome

    I started looking at decentralised/federated tools some years ago, but other than Matrix I didn’t use any of them until recently. Then this February I joined the Fediverse (federated universe) by spinning up my own Mastodon instance. I’m not going to lie, this place is pure awesome …

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  3. Add SysAdmin day to Emacs Calendar

    I’m a SysAdmin since 1998. Maybe a bit earlier, if you count managing our home computer. This means SysAdmin Day is also celebrating me. However, my Emacs Calendar doesn’t show it for some reason.

    The solution is pretty easy:

    (add-to-list 'holiday-other-holidays '(holiday-float 7 5 -1 "SysAdmin Day") t …
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