Gergely Polonkai

developer, systems engineer and administrator

  1. Using Git bisect to find the first good commit

    Few months ago we “implemented” a bug in our software, which was released to the customers. We continued development for two weeks when the first customer ticket arrived about the bug. We successfully reproduced it with the customer’s version, but not with the development sources; it turned out that …

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  2. NyanMacs

    I was a Vi/ViM user for years. For several reasons I had to change to Emacs now and then. And then, I found this. I surrender. Emacs is just better. (And this addon is working even in plain text mode without graphics)

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  3. First impressions of Windows 8

    Many of you may know my commitment to Linux and Open Source Software. But this doesn’t mean I hate proprietary software like many others do. I think everything has its own place in the world, and this goes for software as well.

    A few days ago I got my …

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  4. SWE-GLib final release

    Few of you may know that I’m interested in astrology. About two months ago I have decided to create an astrologers’ software for the GNOME desktop. Since then, I have contacted Jean-André Santoni, who created a software called Astrognome some years ago. We exchanged some e-mails, and after several …

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