Gergely Polonkai

developer, systems engineer and administrator

  1. git-merge stages

    This was a mail to my company’s internal Git mailing list, after I realised many colleagues can’t wrap their heads around merge conflicts.

    Hello all,

    I just saw this on the git-users list and thought it could help you when you bump into a merge conflict. It is …

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  2. A new home

    This is an excerpt from a novel of mine. The tree is the prophet of the highest god in that universe and thus can see everything that was or will ever be. It is said that whoever sleeps among its roots or branches will see colourful dreams about these stories …

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  3. Vala interface madness

    Although I have just started making it in C, I decided to move my Matrix GLib SDK to Vala. First to learn a new language, and second because it is much easier to write GObject based stuff with it.

    For the first step I created a .vapi file from my …

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