Gergely Polonkai

developer, systems engineer and administrator

  1. Samillinor’s Pride

    It was time again. Day after day it was the same, and Samillinor was more and more upset about it. Since the temple was built her daily routine was the same: wake up with the Light, prepare the ritual, make the ritual, fail the ritual, eat something which she felt …

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  2. Little Emma

    As of date, little Emma hasn’t eaten for weeks. The whole family feared for her as only those tubes entangling her body kept her alive. Still, her eyes seemed happy, though she was dizzy and sometimes saw little globes of light. She was awake for hours, much longer than …

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  3. Upgrades requiring a reboot on Linux? At last!

    I’ve recently received an article on Google+ about Fedora’s new idea: package upgrades that require a reboot. The article said that Linux guys have lost their primary adoo: “Haha! I don’t have to reboot my system to install system upgrades!” My answer was always this: “Well, actually …

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  4. Fast world, fast updates

    We live in a fast world, that’s for sure. When I first heard about Ubuntu Linux and their goals, I was happy: they gave a Debian to everyone, but in different clothes. It had fresh software in it, and even they gave support of a kind. It was easy …

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  5. PHP 5.4 released

    After a long time of waiting, PHP announced 5.4 release on 1 March (also, today they announced that they finally migrate to Git, which is sweet from my point of view, but it doesn’t really matter).

    About a year ago we became very agressive towards a developer who …

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