SWE-GLib final release

Few of you may know that I’m interested in astrology. About two months ago I have decided to create an astrologers’ software for the GNOME desktop. Since then, I have contacted Jean-André Santoni, who created a software called Astrognome some years ago. We exchanged some e-mails, and after several weeks of coding, I’m proud to present SWE-GLib 1.0.1. This is “just” a library which wraps Swiss Ephemeris, creating a nice GLib-ish interface around it. See the project page and the built-in GTK-Doc document for more information.

The astrologer’s software I’m writing will be Astrognome (you can check the GitHub repository already, thanks for Jean-André for letting me use the name). It is currently in pre-alpha status, but already utilizes SWE-GLib (it just can’t display the results yet). If you happen to be interested in astrology and/or Astrognome, fork the repository and contribute! You can also contact me (or open an enhancement issue on GitHub) if you have any ideas.