Gergely Polonkai

developer, systems engineer and administrator

  1. How my e-mail gets to that other guy?

    A friend of mine asked me how it is possible that she pushes buttons on her keyboard and mouse, and in an instant her peer reads the text she had in her mind. This is a step-by-step introduction of what happens in-between.

    From your mind to your computer

    When you …

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  2. Coincidents

    They were both without someone for a while now without any intention, spoken or not, to find a new one. They sat next to each other on the train and listened to music. They both peeked to each other’s screen to check what the other one is listening to …

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  3. Using Git bisect to find the first good commit

    Few months ago we “implemented” a bug in our software, which was released to the customers. We continued development for two weeks when the first customer ticket arrived about the bug. We successfully reproduced it with the customer’s version, but not with the development sources; it turned out that …

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  4. NyanMacs

    I was a Vi/ViM user for years. For several reasons I had to change to Emacs now and then. And then, I found this. I surrender. Emacs is just better. (And this addon is working even in plain text mode without graphics)

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